The trading post is the only place to get FREE EL TORO stickers. By limiting the trades to only 10 each series, it ensures the quality of each trade.

Trading History

Trading is a very important part of the sticker culture. It was a way to get your artwork exposed and introduce to different parts of the world. It was a way to meet like minded artists and cultivate the sticker culture further. This is how sticker collaboration first started.  It was a way to introduce new artists to your local community. It's also a great feeling to receive a parcel from an artist you really admire. So much so, you can't help yourself, but put up the sticker outside so EVERYONE can enjoy it!

Years of trading has yielded with great results. Lately however, the sticker culture has been flooded with emerging and creative artists. This saturation of new artists flooded the inboxes with multiple trade and collaboration requests. The request for the artwork was too much for some artists to keep up with. Also, stickers were getting stuck in black books, frames and furniture. Once the sticker reached its destination, it never leaves to then go outside. The stories, pictures and relationships also deteriorated because of this and artists quickly stopped trading.

MTDR Trading Co. is making ways to improve and make sure this tradition does not die out.