The Story.

MTDR Trading Co, is the leading manufacturer & distributor of collectible EL TORO vinyl stickers & dry goods. Rooted in the sticker character art culture developed in Philadelphia, MTDR features new and exciting designs featuring EL TORO.

All of the stickers manufactured for MTDR sticker packs are hand stamped on the back for authenticity purpose to prevent bootlegging and or copies. With this very tedious and long task, only 200 sticker packets of each series will be available to the public. Giveaways for free sticker packs are not part of the count with in the limited series.

Sticker packets are assembled with 5 vinyl stickers, 4 hand drawn stickers and 1 temporary tattoo. 

Golden Ticket
Chase the special golden ticket hidden in 1 of the 200 sticker packs. Contact us to claim your prize!